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Biohazard Clean Up Services in Pawcatuck, CT


The term “biohazard” can sound frightening, but what does this word actually mean? Biohazards are any form of biological contamination that could potentially be hazardous to human health.

This can range from human-generated biological contaminants like blood and sewage to outside biological contaminants like pest droppings, harmful forms of mold, or hoarding situations. When you have a biohazard situation on your property,  it can feel overwhelming. However, know that you do not have to deal with these dangerous hazards on your own. With the right restoration team, you can clean and sanitize a biohazard while minimizing risk to yourself and other residents.

Luckily, most storm restoration and property damage services are equipped to address biohazards as well. Here’s what you need to know about biohazards and repairing biohazard damage:

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How Biohazards Threaten Your Health And Home

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping spaces properly cleaned and sanitized is more vital than ever. Unsanitary spaces can lead to a great number of incredibly risky health issues and complications. Human contamination can spread a wide variety of pathogenic diseases, and the chemicals created by mold and decay can also release toxic pathogens that can lead from everything from breathing issues to neurological damage. Sewage leaks, some hoarding situations, and any other biohazard that involves liquid contaminants can cause mold and decay in flooring, walls or carpets if left unaddressed. Our team of experts at Green Restoration can help you identify these hazards to file your insurance claim.

How Professional Restoration Can Eliminate Biohazard Risks

Cleaning up a biohazard is a job that should absolutely be left to the professionals. Attempting to address a biohazard on your own without proper equipment and protection is risky to both yourself and your home. Without proper protective gear, you expose yourself to disease and illness caused by biohazards, and risk property damage as well.

That’s why you should let our team at Green Restoration in Pawcatuck, CT handle your biohazard needs. We have the gear, the knowledge, and years of storm restoration and general restoration experience to remove the biohazard completely and restore your property to pristine condition.

Our team at Green Restoration wants you to know that you don’t have to feel trapped with a biohazard, and you don’t have to deal with these dangerous, unpleasant messes on your own. If you need biohazard services in Pawcatuck, CT but aren’t sure you can afford it, you should know that Green Restoration’s services are covered by most major insurance plans. Call 1-800-671-9941 to set up a consultation today, and free your home or property from the dangers of biohazards.


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