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What Causes Burst Pipes? Bridgeport, CT


When you think about hazards to your property, you might be tempted to think first about hazards such as high winds and weather that can lead to storm restoration needs. However, there is another year-round insidious risk lurking in the walls and floors of your property- burst pipes. When pipes become cold or icy in the winter months, or experiences surges of pressure at any time of the year, water molecules can expand in the pipes and cause them to distend, crack, and, in worst case scenarios, even burst completely. Old pipes are also especially susceptible to these issues because they become brittle and prone to cracking.

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The Hazards of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can lead to a variety of risks to both property and human health. When pipes burst, it can cause inconveniences such as disruptions to the water supply or heating and cooling system of a household. In more serious situations, burst pipes can also create hazardous flooding that can cause mold and mildew. Especially concerning as well are situations in which burst pipes create health risks such as biohazards from leaked sewage or toxic fumes from pipes that carry gases or chemicals. To avoid inconvenience, moisture damage, and health hazards, it’s important to address any burst pipes as soon as you notice these issues. It is also crucial to contact a restoration specialist like Green Restoration to assess and repair property damage.

Burst Pipe Solutions

If you have pipes on your property, then you need to seek solutions as quickly as possible. Waiting too long to get burst pipes repaired will only lead to further risks for permanent damage. At Green Restoration in Bridgeport, CT, we are happy to offer top-quality and restoration to correct water damage after a burst pipe. If you are experiencing burst pipes this winter, call Green Restoration and we will assess your property for damage, then bill insurance directly to provide affordable restoration services in Bridgeport, CT. At Green Restoration, we do so much more than summer storm restoration- we provide resilient home protection all year round. For burst pipe solutions you can count on, call Green Restoration at 1-800-671-9941.


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