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Ice Dam Services


From blizzards and ice storms to frozen water pipes, winter brings a variety of threats to any property owner. This makes winter a busy time for storm restoration and general restoration services. However, one lesser- known hazard of winter weather getting out of hand is a phenomenon known as “ice dams.” Ice dams occur when snow melts on a roof and eventually accumulates on the eaves of a house or other heated building, where it freezes. If left untreated, ice dams can become massive and create big problems for a property down the road.

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Why Should Ice Dams Be Removed?

It might be tempting to just wait until an ice dam melts in the spring. However, leaving an ice dam for too long can cause serious property damage. Just like storm restoration and other forms of weather home care, ice dam removal should be a key component of property maintenance.

When ice dams remain on a roof for too long, they can create excess moisture from the melting ice. When this moisture absorbs into the roof or siding of a house, it starts to create moisture damage like mold, mildew and decay that may very well be quite noticeable by the time that Spring rolls around.

Ice Dam Removal

If you want to avoid the mold and water damage that can be called by ice dams, then you need an ice dam removal solution that you can rely on. Here at Green Restoration, we want you to know that we don’t just offer storm restoration to get you through the summer months, but also top quality ice dam removal to get you through the winter.  If you think your ice dams may be causing these issues, our team at Green Restoration can assess your risk to decide if removal is right for you and work with insurance to meet your needs. Don’t let hazardous ice caps cause further damage. Call 1-800-671-9941 today to speak with ice dam removal experts in your area.


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