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Expert Mold Detection


Mold is not a substance you want anywhere near your property. If you have mold at your home or business for a long time, you could have long term foundation problems. Mold can also cause sickness, which is why mold detection is so important.

Hire Green Restoration for expert assistance with mold detection. Our services are very affordable, and we use the latest technology to detect the smallest specks of mold on your property.

If you require mold detection services, or you already have mold and need mold removal, you can count on our team to help.

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Expert Mold Detection Services

Green Restoration is the mold detection company that you can trust. Our mold detection services are the best in the business. We use top quality equipment to identify mold, and then work hard to remove any traces of it from your property.

Mold grows very quickly, which is why you need a mold removal company to come to your location as soon as you suspect mold may be present. Do not think you can wait for several weeks and then have someone come to your location, as you may experience a lot of mold growth in that time.

Our team can arrive at any home or business on the same day, ready to work. We take a few hours to assess the entire property and determine if any mold is present. Then we use our expertise to remove all traces of that mold.

Hire the Best Mold Detection Experts

Green Restoration is known for offering flawless mold detection and removal services. We ensure your property is safe from mold, and that no one who lives or works there is going to experience sickness as a result of that mold.

If you suspect there is a mold infestation at your home or business, call Green Restoration today.


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