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Puff Back Cleaning Assistance in Baltic, CT


Chimney puff backs are not good – to say the least. Actually they can be very dangerous. The incident can happen very quickly and you often do not realize what is occurring until it is too late. These puff back incidents happen when your fireplace forces smoke or gas back into the indoor space, instead of pushing it out through the flu.

Puff back incidents are very dangerous, which is why professional puff back cleaning is so necessary. Green Restoration in Baltic, CT has the experience and skill to perform soot cleaning at your property for very affordable rates.

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Chimney Puff Back Cleaning Services

If you require puff back cleaning due to an issue with the chimney on your property, we hope you will get in touch with our experts. We have solved every puff back problem under the sun, and you can trust our team to get to the bottom of the issue you are experiencing.

A puff back problem is not only dangerous because of the smoke, but the carbon monoxide that can build up in your kitchen or similar areas. Most puff back incidents happen because there is creosote or some other obstructing material in the chimney, which results in poor ventilation.

Our team gets to the bottom of the problem and conducts a thorough soot cleaning to ensure the problem does not come back for a long time. You can trust our crew to handle this issue with care and expertise.

Puff Back Experts

Green Restoration in Baltic, CT is happy to perform puff back cleaning at your home or business on the same day. If you experience a puff back or notice some poor smoke ventilation from your fireplace or stove, you need our help.

Do not take risks with the health of anyone on your property. Report chimney puff back problems to the experts at Green Restoration.


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