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Why Do Sump Pumps Fail?


Sump pumps play a vital role in keeping your property safe when inclement weather arises. In situations when excess moisture is suddenly introduced, such as during a storm, flood, or other disaster, then the sump pump is intended to kick on and start working to drain the moisture. However, there are certain situations in which a sump may fail in an emergency. For instance, if a power outage occurs or if there is more water than a sump pump can deal with, then the system may not work. Both of these scenarios happen often during storms, making addressing failed sump pumps a key component of storm restoration services.

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The Risks of Sump Pump Failure

When your sump pump fails, it can pose major risks to your home and health. A failing sump pump often results in flooding because the pump cannot drain excessive amounts of water away from the property. It’s important to always check after heavy rain or flooding that your sump pump has done its job. If there are signs of a failure, it’s imperative to contact restoration services to minimize damage. Left untreated, a failed sump pump can create major water damage and even lead to health hazards like toxic mold caused by moisture.

The Professional Difference

A failed sump pump can cause excessive flooding that may seem overwhelming at first, but there are people that can help. At Green Restoration, our water removal and storm restoration specialists represent years of experience in restoring properties facing hazards from serious water damage. We work with insurance companies to assess damage, then use specialized technology to fully drain, dry, and thoroughly restore your property. We bill insurance directly to give you help when you need it with minimum inconvenience and expense. The longer you wait to address a failed sump pump, the worse damage may become. Restore your property and prevent damage by calling 1-800-671-9941 today.


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