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Trauma Scene Cleanup Services in Warrenville, CT


Visiting a scene where a serious crime or incident took place is not pleasant, especially if the event happened at your home or business. Green Restoration knows these situations are very delicate, which is why you can trust us to perform top quality trauma scene cleanup work.

When you hire us for trauma or crime scene cleanup, you are getting help from the very best. We clean, sanitize and restore the space so that it looks the same as it did prior to the incident. We are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Trustworthy Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Green Restoration has the experience and expertise to handle any crime scene cleanup job. We can come to your home or business in Warrenville, CT and get to work immediately.

These incidents usually involve a lot of blood and other damage. Perhaps there was a fight between two people or a shooting incident. We work with the local police, perform discreet and prompt cleanup, and then restore your property to its original condition.

You can trust our team to isolate impacted areas, remove biohazards, clean and sanitize your living or workspace, and then perform a final cleaning so everything looks spotless.

Trauma Scene Cleanup Experts

Not all trauma scenes involve a crime. Perhaps there was an accident that took place at your home, or someone attempted suicide. These moments are very sensitive, as you are already feeling emotional distress. Rather than giving you more anxiety, our team takes on the burden of cleanup and restoration to ease your worries.

We can clean up spilled fluids, blood splatter, or other damage as a result of a trauma scene. Our team uses the latest techniques and machines, which results in a flawless job.

Not only do we clean up the entire space, but we can also restore your floors, walls and furniture to their original state. Request our crime and trauma scene cleanup services in Warrenville, CT.


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